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August 05 2017

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Started the day literally homeless, ending the day with this.

July 31 2017


who here was on tumblr 4+ years ago

lol, 2010, y’all

July 16 2017






Small tip to help some of your blind friends: do not put 10,000 emojis in the middle of a text or a post if you continue to put text after the emojis because I will tell you that I will Straight give up if I have to listen to “face with tears of joy, face with tears of joy, face with tears of joy,” 23 times just to hear the rest of your text or post.

Oh my god, that’s what screen readers say when they read out emojis?? I didn’t realize.. I will change how I write my posts now… My bad…

This is good to know. Pretend there are twenty three light bulb emojis indicating sudden understanding following this text.

So the clap hands emoji post would be extra annoying since you can’t just speed read it, damn!

YES. That is one of my least favorite emojis because it’s LONG. It also says skin tone on some, and while that’s AWESOME, if you put 30 prayer hands, I have to hear “hands clasped in celebration with medium dark skin tone” 30 times in full. And even if I use a braille display, it still writes it out in full because there’s no real way to represent them any other way yet, so until someone invents a Braille display with like 10 lines that isn’t astronomically expensive, there’s no easy way to skip over them.

Now, at least with some screen readers, punctuation is a little different and if there are multiple of the same thing it’ll say like “17 exclamation points” instead of saying them all individually, and I wish that update would be made to screen readers to speak emojis in multiples that way… That would be a good solution.

July 15 2017

Click here to support Help Rose and their kids keep the lights on!


Heyyyyyy so if you can help me and my kids out, I’d be really appreciative?

I’m kind of just needing a little extra help so I can keep the lights and such on.  I started work today but I’m not going to receive an actual paycheck beyond just orientation until August 4th, I believe?  So until then, I’m just trying to get by.

I appreciate it! 

July 05 2017

Get To Know Us!


Are you a new follower of Carnation Books? Did you meet us at a con but only have a hazy recollection of what it is we do? Do you know us pretty well but still have some questions?

We want to answer your questions! Consider this post a statement that our ask box, twitter DM’s, and the contact@carnationbooks.com email are always open to anyone who has a question. We would specifically like to take as many questions as we can over the next few weeks, then answer them and some we have heard frequently over the last several months in the form of an FAQ. 

If you have a question, please drop an ask, get in touch on twitter, or shoot us an email at contact@carnationbooks.com. We will answer you as promptly as we can, and between now and July 25, will be compiling an FAQ post! 








cashier: sorry for your wait. we’re short-staffed today

millennial: oh that’s ok no worries :)

 baby boomer:

But listen that’s the thing. 

We are short staffed almost 97% of the time at my retail job. Because corporate has figured out you can overwork 4 people at minimum wage instead of paying for the 8 people you should probably have to be on the clock.  

Baby boomers grew up with stores that were adequately staffed, with workers who most likely had weeks of training for their jobs as opposed to the 1-2 shadow shift training we get now. Also those workers most likely were able to be full time if they wanted. Now retail, except for management positions, is mostly made up of part time workers, because you don’t have to give them benefits. So you have a workforce of perpetually underpaid, overwhelmed, undertrained people trying to do their best all while dealing with an entire generation of people who refuse to acknowledge that the system has changed and the average retail worker has NO control over that change and is being taken advantage of.

Like we got our customer surveys back, and almost every single one mentioned that they couldn’t find someone to help them or we needed more people on register because it was TOO SLOW, but what did management tell us instead of scheduling more people? We need to be quicker on register and call for backup if necessary. Which makes no sense because we can’t call for backup THAT ISN’T THERE.

Y'all my parents haven’t worked retail since the 70s and they absolutely never believe me about the things that happen at work. I explain the schedule for next week gets hung up on the Friday before and they scoff and go “well when i worked at X they had it a month up your manager is just lazy.” No mom, its company policy to only do “two weeks” in advance. They won’t give you a full month’s scheduling in advance cause it let’s you plan for a world outside of work.

Or about the hours, workload or anything. They just assume its an individual’s failing instead of corporate mandate. Or, if they do believe me (that its company policy) they call it ridiculous and point out some survey that argues its Good Business to do (insert decent thing here).As if they think the higher ups don’t know this and are simply ignorant of Good Business Practices. They don’t understand that retail has completely shifted from caring about its employees to squeezing out every penny now instead of investing it for later.

Cause that isn’t how it was when they worked and they just can’t seem to see otherwise.

   I think there should be a ‘bring-your-parent-to-work-day’ instead of ‘bring-your-kid-to-work-day’, it would shock so many parents and would probably make them finally realize how much retail indeed has changed in the US.

when i first got hired as a cashier, my manager who had been doing that since she was like 17 in 1975 told me that back in The Days, when you were hired as a cashier in a grocery store it was a) a well paid job & you could get full time work easily b) a respected career choice c) the store closed at 6pm and was closed on Sundays so the hours were a lot more pleasant d) they made you go to cashier school for 2 weeks, which was basically a fake grocery store and you just learned the trade completely before even meeting a customer
now its like : you get like 20 hours a week, bullshit shifts like 3:45 to 10:15, a 20 minutes training before being thrown to the wolves, customers tell you you deserve your shitty lowlife job as soon as you don’t thoroughly kiss their ass

The millennial experience is tied to growing income inequality and the indentured servitude of student loan debt


1. Retail is absolutely understaffed, staff are undertrained with bullshit scheduling, and it’s a recent occurrence within the last 20 years or so. Not an opinion, this is a fact backed up by data. 

2. It causes retailers to LOSE money. Also not an opinion, this is a fact backed up by data. There are plenty of retailers like Costco, Trader Joe’s, Mercadona in Spain, QuikTrip, etc that give retail workers normal full-time schedules, living wages and benefits, invest in their training, give great customer service, low prices, AND deliver consistent high returns to their investors. Investing in their workers means they can run a tight ship, and these companies’ profit comes from being efficient and effective. 

3. If it’s not profitable to treat workers like shit, why do most retailers do it? 

4. Because most retailers are run by motherfucking morons who don’t know how to operate a business. They can’t be bothered to learn how to run a tight ship. 

5. Literally. That’s it. These companies don’t even actually profit from employee suffering. It’s just simpler for for corporate management’s idiot goddamn minds. 

You're stranded on a deserted island with the person on your lockscreen. How screwed are you?

This woman’s name appears on the Declaration of Independence. So why don’t we know her story?


y’all we need to talk about this wild bitch

so the original declaration of independence (the one in fancy Thomas Jefferson handwriting) was great and all but there was only one copy of it so you couldn’t exactly send it out to the King, AND parliament, AND all of ‘Murica

so they had to go to a print shop and get a bunch of copies made

the first guy muffed it up by deleting the signatures, so it had all the political oomph of anonymous bathroom graffiti

so then they went to Mary Katherine’s print shop and she treated that declaration right

she put all the boys’ names on there and made that shit official

plus signing her own, because fuck off King George

July 04 2017

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Star Wars Episode IV “A New Hope”

A (probably unsuccessful) long-term attempt to gif every DVD I own: 9 of ?

So I’m picturing Leia getting escorted from her cell for reasons unknown to her, Darth Vader a step behind her, and she’s trying to figure out what’s happening, and then after a few very lengthy elevator rides she round the corner and sees…

this bitch  and she just powerwalks to Tarkin, and Vader’s like, wait what, and Leia is honestly excited because here’s a person she knows and hates, and she’s like, “what should I insult? His hair? His family? His personal habits? Can I insult Vader at the same time?” and then doesn’t flinch when Vader bumps her shoulder like “What the hell, Organa,” but just continues with her lil’ diatribe.

have you ever met a 19 year old girl though? this is like the most true-to-life shit george lucas ever wrote, of course pissed off leia would charge straight up to someone she hates under heavy guard on an enemy ship to tell him he fucking stinks. it’s only because this is sci fi that she doesn’t put gum in his hair as a finisher. 

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A good smoothie makes me happy - and cuter! 🍓😄❤
#latergram #smoothierevolution @jessecale

Things food snobs are wrong about





  • “Organic” isn’t better for you or for the environment. It actually means nothing of any significance at best and is sometimes even the more wasteful, more hazardous option.
  • A shitload of “natural” food including a lot of imported produce is grown and harvested through slave labor in inhumane conditions.
  • Pizza, fried chicken, french fries, fast food, candy bars and chips ARE nutritious. They are loaded with good things. Just because they have an abundance of excess fats and might not be healthy as a staple doesn’t mean they are “nutritionless” or that their calories are “empty.” Those are hokey buzzwords pushed by the people in charge of how much you pay for the alternatives.
  • Eating healthier costs more. Much more. Looking down on people for their reliance on cheaper food is extremely classist and expecting everyone to be able to live off fresh veggies and cage-free meats is insultingly unrealistic in the modern world.
  • “Processed” literally only means the food went through some kind of automated process. This can be literally the exact same thing a human being would have done to the food for it to be labeled “unprocessed.” Being processed does not make something less healthy.
  • Chemicals with long, scary names are part of nature. An apple is full of compounds you probably can’t pronounce. A shorter ingredients label only means they didn’t bother listing all 300 things the product is actually made of and HAS to be made of.
  • Preservatives, artificial flavors and other additives are not the devil. Most are harmless and in general they are part of the reason you haven’t already starved to death or died of a food borne illness.
  • MSG is not bad for you at all.
  • The fact that something might be made of “scrap” meats like pig snouts or chicken necks only means one thing: that we didn’t waste perfectly normal, edible meat.

It pisses me off when big time chefs go “guys do you not know what goes into canned meatballs? They’re disgusting!” yeah parts of the animal they don’t use for anything else and also they’re tasty fuck you

@lazysatyr wanted sources so here you go

Organic farms produce up to 25% less food for the same amount of land used as opposed to conventional modern farms, and almost never produce more food.

Organic farms also, due to the nature of organic food being more labor and resource intensive, rely strongly on slave and underpaid labor even in America.

It is harder to back the nutritional value of greasy foods, but typically known fatty foods, such as red meats, cheese, and various oils, are found in diets that are intentionally high in fat, but low in carbohydrates. THese are called ketogenic diets and oddly enough are considered quite healthy and good for weight loss.

The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a meta-analysis that found healthy eating habits cost about $1.50 more per day than if someone were not as health-conscious.

“Processed” is so vague and broad that you could define almost every food ever as processed unless you plucked it from the ground yourself.

Alpha-Linolenic-Acid, Asparagine, D-Categin, Isoqurctrin, Hyperoside, Ferulic-Acid, Farnesene, Neoxathin, Phosphatidyl-Choline, Reynoutrin, Sinapic-Acid, Caffeic-Acid, Chlorogenic-Acid, P-Hydroxy-Benzoic-Acid, P-Coumaric-Acid, Avicularin, Lutein, Quercitin, Rutin, Ursolic-Acid, Protocatechuic-Acid, and Silver are all chemicals found in apples.

Turns out excessive preservatives aren’t super great for you. Traditional ways of preserving foods, such as pickling or dehydrating, aren’t bad for you but things like nitrites in meat are.

However, artificial flavors are more often than not the exact same chemical one would find in nature, except synthesized in a lab. This means they can be produces in greater quantities and with less harm to the environment than by extracting them from natural sources. Again, there is no chemical difference whatsoever between natural and artificial flavors, the difference is only where they come from.

A horse’s worth of MSG injected into a mouse will cause health problems, but people are not mice and we don’t inject it. No consistent negative health effects have been linked to MSG.

I could find no material that references pig snouts and chicken necks as any different from meat from the more commonly eaten parts of those animals. Most people use them in soups to make a stronger broth, since they do contain a lot of flavor despite not a lot of tangible meat.

GMOs have no negative health affects, as has been shown by countless studies for the past couple decades. Crops are genetically modified to allow for healthier alternatives to pesticides, high crop yields over a smaller area of land, and reduced consumption of water and fertilizer by the crops. GMOs are much better for the health of humans, the environment, and society as a whole in the long term.

Hey thanks! I didn’t add sources to the original post just because I thought it was minor personal venting and not something that would get tens of thousands of notes.

gentle reminder


you are enough, you don’t have to change for anything or anyone if you don’t want to


Remember to leave out milk and cookies for Captain America tonight when he comes to leave presents under your flag.

June 27 2017


How long has it been? Years. Do I still think about Sherlock when I’m having trouble plugging my phone in? Yes. Do I care if a fictional character would classify me as a drunk? Yes I do.

June 26 2017

June 21 2017

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My friends cat got it’s head stuck in a vase, freaked out, broke the vase, and was left with this. - (Source: http://bit.ly/2cute2btrue)

thats bastet you fool



Carrie Fisher’s autopsy reveals she had high levels of “Mind your own fucking business” as well as “Who the fuck made that report public anyway”

The autopsy revealed she  drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra. We already knew this

You can download copies of the Strand Magazine featuring 12 Sherlock Holmes stories here:




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As an English teacher, this made me weep tears of awestruck joy.

June 20 2017


person: but it’s canon

me: yes, but it’s very badly written, so we ignore it

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